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Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Greeting Cards!

I love Christmas so much, I really enjoyed making these seasonal greeting cards for the kids at work.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Activity Sheets


Here are a couple more activity sheets for you.  Click to enlarge, right-click to save, and print. :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

More Greeting Cards

Here are a couple more greeting cards I just made. I couldn't help myself, I love Snoopy and the whole gang! :)
Click to enlarge, right-click to save, print, and decorate.


Print out these fun wristbands on cardstock paper and then decorate!  Cut out each one on the dotted lines.  Attach the ends together with either a staple, tape, glue, or Velcro.  I find that Velcro is the best because it's easier to put on and remove.  Each band has been left blank on one end because this area will be used to put it together.
If you'd like to customize your own wristbands, you may also choose to use the blank template below.  Enjoy :)
Click to enlarge, right-click to save, then print.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Birthday Cards

These printable cards are great for kids.  Just click on the image, right-click to save, and print out.  Have them color and decorate the card, fold it in half on the line, and write a note inside.

If you have any special requests for a card template, let me know in a comment and I'll try my best to put something up for you. :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Fun Activity Sheets For Kids

I wanted to share some activity sheets I created with everyone.  There are word searches: Despicable Me, Nintendo Characters, Nintendo Video Games, Pokémon, Rise of the Guardians, SpongeBob, and Wreck It Ralph.   I'm also sharing a couple of Disney crossword puzzles and a word scramble, and some Disney and SpongeBob themed math worksheets.
I enjoy creating word searches and other activity sheets with themes that will get kids more excited about doing them because they really are great for keeping the brain sharp. :)  For personal use only please!
Click on the image, right-click to save, and enjoy. :)
Word Searches

Addition Worksheets
Crossword Puzzle & Word Scramble

Specific requests for word searches, crossword puzzles, or word scrambles are more than welcome. :)


Hanging Koi Fish

This craft reminds me of the book "The Rainbow Fish." :)

How to make it:
1. Click on the template, right-click to save, print out.
2. Color and decorate with markers, crayons, or colored pencil.
3. Cut out scales from aluminum foil and glue on wherever you feel fits.
4. Cut out strips of colorful tissue paper and glue onto the back of the fish.
5. Punch two holes in the front of the fish on the mouth.
6. Attach each edge of a piece of string (the length is up to you) to each of the holes.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Create Your Own Board Game

Design your own board game using this template I created.  Just print it out, decorate it, and give it a name.  There is also a game piece and dice template available that I didn't create, but found online.

To print, just click on the image and right-click to save.


Angry Birds & Sanrio Masks

I wanted to get the kids at work more excited about craft time, so I decided to create masks of things they love.  I drew Angry Birds characters for the boys and Sanrio Characters for the girls.
Print them out on cardstock paper, color and decorate, then cut them out (use an X-Acto knife for the eye holes), punch holes, and tie some string.
To print out the templates, just click on the image to enlarge it, right-click to save, and print.  Hope you enjoy! Personal use only please; don't steal my designs. Thanks :) 
 Feel free to request a specific character and I'll try my best.



Cute Cupcakes

Create your own cutie pie cupcakes with this template I drew.  Just click on the image below, right-click to save, and print it out.  Decorate the two cupcakes with markers/crayons/colored pencils and then cut them out.  Best to use cardstock, but if you don't have that available you can glue them to construction paper.  Glitter is also optional.  Eat up!

Double-Scoop Ice Cream Cone

Create your own ice cream flavors with this cute double-scoop ice cream cone template.  Click on the image, right-click to save, then print it out!  Decorate it the way you want to, cut it out, and glue the pieces together.  Best to use cardstock paper, or glue the finished ice cream cone to a sheet of construction paper.

Ahh Real Monsters!

Click on the image to enlarge it, right-click to save, then print it out and design your own monster! :)

Popsicle Stick Puzzle

This is an easy craft to do using just 10 popsicle sticks, tape, and markers/crayons/colored pencils.

How to make it:
1. Line up 10 craft popsicle sticks side by side so they're all even with each other.
2. Carefully add a strip of tape down each side so that they're secure and won't fall apart.
3. Turn them over and draw a picture or design, making sure that no popsicle sticks are left blank.
4. Remove the tape and mix them up.
5. Have fun piecing your puzzle back together!

Clothespin Airplane

This is a pretty simple craft that only requires a clothespin and 2 craft popsicle sticks.  You glue down one popsicle stick to the "teeth" or closed side of the clothespin.  You cut off a small amount of each edge of the other popsicle stick and glue it down to the open side of the clothespin.  Regular glue works fine, but I like to use a hot glue gun.  You can also cut out a triangle from craft foam and add it to the backside of the plane, but this is optional.  Decorate with markers and you're done :)

Popsicle Stick Catapult

This craft is super fun to play with, but requires a bit of prep work.

What you'll need is 11 craft popsicle sticks, 11 rubber bands, a hot glue gun/crazy glue, and something to use as a launcher (I created my own by cutting pieces of craft foam and gluing them together with a hot glue gun.

How to make this:
1. Take 7 craft popsicle sticks and stack them together. Bind them with 2 rubber bands--1 on each edge.
2. Take 2 craft popsicle sticks and place one on top of the other so that they overlap a couple of inches.  Bind them together with 3 rubber bands side by side. (If you're using larger rubber bands, you may not need to use 3)
3. Repeat step 2 with the last couple of craft sticks.
4. Take the two sets of sticks from steps 1 & 2, and place one set on the bottom of the sticks from Step 1, and one set on the top so that they're kind of centered.  Bind them together with two rubber bands so that they form an "X" shape.
5. Bind together one edge of the catapult with a rubber band.
6. Find or create a launcher.  You can use foam pieces like I did, or you can you other household materials like a bottle cap.  Glue this to one side of the catapult.
7. Decorate

Spaceship Frisbee

Materials Needed:
-2 Paper plates (Dixie Ultra plates work great)
-1 Paper Bowl
-Hot glue gun or crazy glue
-Markers and/or colored pencils. Sharpies also work
-Aluminum foil (Optional)
-Cute foam alien or star stickers (Optional)

How to make it:
1. Glue 2 paper plates together using either a hot glue gun or crazy glue.  You only need to glue the edges together.  It doesn't seem to fly as well with just one plate.
2. Glue the paper bowl to the top center of the paper plates.
3. Decorate with markers or colored pencils
4. You can cut out and glue (with regular Elmer's glue) aluminum foil to make it shine :)
5. You can add cute foam stickers if you want to, also.

This cute spaceship Frisbee/flying disc works pretty good and is extra cool!  Kids can have lots of fun making it and then testing it out outside.  You can add your own little tweeks to this craft to make it your own. :)