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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Angry Birds & Sanrio Masks

I wanted to get the kids at work more excited about craft time, so I decided to create masks of things they love.  I drew Angry Birds characters for the boys and Sanrio Characters for the girls.
Print them out on cardstock paper, color and decorate, then cut them out (use an X-Acto knife for the eye holes), punch holes, and tie some string.
To print out the templates, just click on the image to enlarge it, right-click to save, and print.  Hope you enjoy! Personal use only please; don't steal my designs. Thanks :) 
 Feel free to request a specific character and I'll try my best.



Superhero Masks & New Years Glasses!

This is a cute craft your kids can make easily.  I did two variations of this craft- masks and glasses.  You can click on the templates below and right-click to save and print out on cardstock paper. 
If you want to make a mask, you just decorate and cut them out.  Then you can punch holes in the sides and attach string. 
If you want to make them into New Years glasses, you decorate and cut them out, then you can use colorful pipe cleaners to cut out and create the numbers of the year.  To attach them, you need to use either a hot glue gun or crazy glue.  For the handles, you use the pipe cleaners and twist them around the holes and shape them to fit your ears.
*Note: I did not create these mask templates