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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cute "Reading" Glasses

Save (click on the small image and then right-click to save) and print out one of the templates below on cardstock paper and decorate.  I found that it's best to then glue the paper to another sheet of cardstock paper to make them stronger and less flimsy. 
After you're finished decorating all of the pieces, you cut them out and glue the handles to the sides.  It's best to use a stronger glue like crazy glue or a hot glue gun, but regular Elmer's glue should work okay, too.  I used an X-Acto knife to cut out the eye holes.  These were really popular with the kids at my work. :)
Another optional variation of this craft I've tried was taking some colored transparent saran wrap or plastic wrap and gluing it to the inside of the eye-holes to make them look more like sunglasses.

*Note: I did not create these templates

Superhero Masks & New Years Glasses!

This is a cute craft your kids can make easily.  I did two variations of this craft- masks and glasses.  You can click on the templates below and right-click to save and print out on cardstock paper. 
If you want to make a mask, you just decorate and cut them out.  Then you can punch holes in the sides and attach string. 
If you want to make them into New Years glasses, you decorate and cut them out, then you can use colorful pipe cleaners to cut out and create the numbers of the year.  To attach them, you need to use either a hot glue gun or crazy glue.  For the handles, you use the pipe cleaners and twist them around the holes and shape them to fit your ears.
*Note: I did not create these mask templates