Monday, September 16, 2013

Fun Activity Sheets For Kids

I wanted to share some activity sheets I created with everyone.  There are word searches: Despicable Me, Nintendo Characters, Nintendo Video Games, Pok√©mon, Rise of the Guardians, SpongeBob, and Wreck It Ralph.   I'm also sharing a couple of Disney crossword puzzles and a word scramble, and some Disney and SpongeBob themed math worksheets.
I enjoy creating word searches and other activity sheets with themes that will get kids more excited about doing them because they really are great for keeping the brain sharp. :)  For personal use only please!
Click on the image, right-click to save, and enjoy. :)
Word Searches

Addition Worksheets
Crossword Puzzle & Word Scramble

Specific requests for word searches, crossword puzzles, or word scrambles are more than welcome. :)



  1. I am a special ed teacher and I have a student who is OBSESSED with Disney!!! These are exactly what I'm looking for!!! Thanks!

  2. Thank you for Pokemon wordsearch

  3. What is the answer to #13 on the mobile Unscrambler??

  4. Hi. Don't know if you still see comments, but your word search stuff has been really helpful engaging some really troubled kids to approach doing some work with words. Thank you!

  5. crosswords and colouring pages